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Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments

What is a Phase 2 Environmental Assessment?   
If a property has failed the Phase 1 Site Assessment due to obvious environmental risks and possible contamination, a Phase 2 is generally performed that can range from small limited Phase II ESA, to a full Phase II Environmental Study, such as the video above that consists of drilling the ground at several site locations to collect samples of soils and ground water to be tested at an accredited lab. Once the results from the lab determine there aren't risks, or the level of contamination is State of Texas acceptable, a final report from our office will reflect the property in passing condition, then the lender can continue forward with the lending process of the property sale. If there is environmental contamination above State levels, a Phase 3 Cleanup is recommended to remove the contaminants or risk. A phase 2 ESA typically takes 10-15 days for turnaround. 

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