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Environmental Remeditaion

Remediation of environmental contamination resulting from spills, leaks, or other releases of petrochemicals or hazardous substances from both regulated underground and aboveground storage tanks such as fuel tanks and underground hydraulic automotive lifts.

After a Phase 2 ESA has been performed, because of an obvious Recognized Environmental Condition (REC) that is affecting the sale of a property, a Phase 3 ESA Remediation is performed to remove the risk or cause of the contamination or possible contamination of soils and ground water. In the video above, we removed several old (50 yrs) underground car lifts that were an obvious environmental issue that was hindering the sale of the property. Phase 1 Enviro Pros removed the underground lifts and their leaking hydraulic tanks, and cleaned up the contaminated soil, as well as installed new reinforced concrete. After the clean lab results come back, we report to Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) of the work that is performed and proof of clean lab results and request a No Further Action aka Closure Letter. Once we receive the Closure Letter, the letter is sent to the lender, so that they can approve the pending loan. Project typically takes 1-3 weeks, plus up to 90 days more for TCEQ to produce the Closure Letter.  

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Environmental Remeditaion
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