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Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments | Denver Colorado


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With our Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment, investors can confidently proceed through the due diligence phase. Our reports are prepared efficiently and accurately, following the strict standards of ASTM E1527-21. Our guidance equips clients with the necessary information to make informed decisions regarding their investment in the Dallas Fort Worth metro area. Thus, they can rest assured of gaining a significant advantage while carrying out their due diligence.

In contemporary real estate transactions, a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment is a prevalent necessity. Generally, to be eligible for the CERCLA "Innocent Land Owner Defense," which is meant to protect contaminated property owners from liability for hazardous substances introduced by an unaffiliated third party, the buyer or financing bank will request a Phase 1 assessment of the property.

Denver Colorado Metro Area

Denver, the capital city of Colorado, is nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains, offering residents and visitors a stunning backdrop for outdoor adventures. Surrounding Denver are several towns and cities that contribute to the region's cultural diversity and economic vibrancy



Known as the Mile High City due to its elevation of 5,280 feet (1,609 meters) above sea level, Denver is a bustling metropolis with a rich history and vibrant culture. It's home to a thriving arts scene, with numerous museums, galleries, and performing arts venues. The city also boasts a dynamic culinary scene, outdoor recreational opportunities in its many parks and green spaces, and professional sports teams, including the Denver Broncos (NFL), Colorado Rockies (MLB), and Denver Nuggets (NBA).

  • LoDo (Lower Downtown): Known for its historic buildings, trendy restaurants, bars, and vibrant nightlife scene.

  • Capitol Hill: A diverse and eclectic neighborhood with historic mansions, trendy eateries, and a lively arts and culture scene.

  • Highland (LoHi): Situated just across the river from downtown, Highland features a mix of Victorian homes, modern apartments, hip restaurants, and boutique shops.

  • Five Points: Historically known as the "Harlem of the West," Five Points has a rich African American heritage and offers a mix of jazz clubs, galleries, and cultural events.

  • Cherry Creek: A posh neighborhood known for its upscale shopping district, Cherry Creek boasts high-end boutiques, art galleries, and fine dining restaurants.

  • Washington Park: Commonly referred to as Wash Park, this neighborhood features a large urban park with two lakes, running trails, and recreational amenities, surrounded by charming residential streets.

  • Uptown: Adjacent to downtown, Uptown offers a mix of historic Victorian homes, modern apartments, and a diverse dining scene along 17th Avenue.

  • RiNo (River North): A former industrial area transformed into a thriving arts district, RiNo is known for its street art, galleries, craft breweries, and trendy eateries.

  • Stapleton: A planned community built on the site of the former Stapleton International Airport, Stapleton offers a mix of residential housing, parks, and community amenities.

  • Sunnyside: Located north of downtown, Sunnyside is a diverse neighborhood with a mix of historic bungalows, modern homes, and local shops and eateries.

  • Park Hill: Known for its tree-lined streets and historic homes, Park Hill features a mix of architectural styles and a strong sense of community.

  • Sloan's Lake: Centered around its namesake lake, Sloan's Lake is a popular residential area with outdoor recreational opportunities and stunning views of the mountains.




Located northwest of Denver, Boulder is renowned for its outdoor recreational opportunities, including hiking, rock climbing, and cycling. The city is home to the University of Colorado Boulder and has a youthful, progressive vibe, with a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability and innovation. Pearl Street Mall, a pedestrian-friendly shopping and dining district, is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.



Situated west of Denver at the edge of the foothills, Golden is famous for its picturesque setting and its history as the birthplace of the Coors Brewing Company. Visitors can explore historic downtown Golden, tour the Coors Brewery, or hike and bike in nearby Clear Creek Canyon.

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