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What is an RSRA Desktop Report?

Environmental Desktop Reports, also known as, RSRA (Record Search Risk Assessment) are a faster, low cost version of a full Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment. It's purpose is to quickly determine whether the property is of "Low", "Elevated" or "High" risk for lending purposes and investors hedging their investment during due diligence periods. How fast are reports? RSRA reports can be delivered as quick as 48 hours, whereas a Phase 1 ESA takes 7-15 days for report delivery. ​ What's the difference in scope of work from a Phase 1 ESA? No site inspection is needed, and emphasis is made directly towards the subject property and immediate neighboring properties, instead more

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A Phase 1 ESA helps identify the environmental conditions that can impact the value of the property. It protects the buyers’ interests in real estate transactions by identifying the hazardous material

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